Terms & Conditions

Here To There Coaches (Mini Buses), including all affiliated companies, also referred to as “The Company”, understands that although the transfer cost for airport & cruise transfer services in Sydney in most cases is just a small percentage of the overall cost of your journey, it is still a vital part of the beginning and end of your journey, whether it be for business or pleasure.

Having said that, There are certain things we do need to be sure you are aware of, listed below in our terms and conditions. These ensure fun, enjoyment and safety for present and future passengers and the protection of our fleet of buses & coaches for your future comfort.

While we make every effort to ensure that our buses arrive on time every time, traffic, weather and other unforeseen problems may sometimes occur. The Company, nor any of its representatives can be held responsible or liable for any delays, flight changes, or problems that may occur, which are the cause of situations which are, in a fair and reasonable persons mind, beyond our control.

General Terms and Conditions

Here To There Coaches has a ZERO tolerance policy regarding aggressive or abusive clients, or clients under the influence of alcohol or drugs, if their influence is causing distress to the driver or other passengers and reserves the right to refuse transport, or terminate transport in the event that a passenger acts in an aggressive or abusive manner toward any driver or staff member. All complaints are to be directed to the company management, during business hours. Drivers WILL NOT transport passengers acting in an abusive or aggressive manner. There will be NO REFUND for any part of the payment already made for the journey.

Here To There Coaches reserve the right to choose/change the route taken at any time prior to, or during the journey, as the driver or company deems fit.

All deposits are NON refundable if cancellation is less than 48 hours prior to the transfer, or 7 days prior to a private charter.

Here To There Coaches are not responsible for your phone not operating due to lost or damaged sim card, flat battery or for any other reason, nor are they liable in the event of mechanical breakdown or matters that would be considered by a reasonable person to be beyond our control while on charter or during transfers. All our vehicles are serviced by qualified mechanics in line with the manufacturers specifications, making breakdowns very unlikely, but in the event of the unlikely occurring, Here To There Coaches cannot be held responsible for costs incurred by the passengers due to such issue.

Motor Vehicle accidents / traffic conditions etc are beyond the control of Here To There Coaches, and therefore delays caused by same are not the responsibility of Here To There Coaches, it’s staff or management.

The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the vehicle caused during the duration of the charter / transfer by them or any members of their party. A fee of a minimum of $500.00 for each carpet or seat burn or any stain caused by negligence on the part of the client or their guests. A further cleaning fee of (at least) $550.00 will be added to the cost of the charter/transfer to restore the vehicle to an operational state of cleanliness should the client or their guests render the vehicle unusable due to their actions.

Alcohol Consumption and drug use whilst in the vehicle is prohibited by Transport for NSW. Any fines for the use of these substances will be paid for by the customer. The driver has the right to terminate the journey without refund if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client(s).

It is Illegal to stand whilst the vehicle is in motion.

On Private Charters, overtime charges may apply after the first 15 minutes of the prearranged time described in the booking. It is NOT the drivers responsibility to inform you of overtime charges, it is the hirers responsibility to keep the group on time.

For Airport & Cruise transfers services in Sydney, the scheduled times on the confirmation, (or told to you over the telephone) are to be considered a guide. The vehicle may arrive up to 30 minutes either side of that time. The time suggested to the client as the pickup time is based on our experience, with an allowance for the unexpected. As the travelling passenger, should you not agree with the time allocated to you at the time of booking, and wish to change that time, please do so at the time of booking, or in writing at the very least 48 hours in advance. Where possible, requested times will be set as the new time, give or take 30 minutes. Acceptance of our suggested time will be taken as you agreeing to the time allocated, and the company cannot be held responsible for any missed flights or other time critical incidents being missed.

  • Seat belts must be worn where fitted
  • All passengers must stay seated when the vehicle is moving
  • NO SMOKING is permitted on any of our buses at any time. It is against the law, and makes the journey, and following journeys, uncomfortable for other passengers. (The act of smoking on our buses will forfeit any bonds, and could result in an early termination of your journey).
  • At no time at all should any passenger throw objects out of the windows or have any part of their body protruding outside the vehicle.
  • A lost and found register is kept at our office, and all buses are checked at the completion of each journey.
  • Any actions deemed threatening or dangerous by our driver or other passengers could see the person/s responsible removed from the bus and / or reported to the authorities. Should this occur, no refund or compensation will be given.
  • Quotes given that may require out sourcing to operators of larger buses can only be held for 24hrs, after which time the size bus required may no longer be available. Please be advised that on certain occasions The Company may sub-contract jobs to other companies or operate their vehicles, when unforeseen events happen.
  • Other quotes are valid for 28 days from date of issue.
  • A Quote does not guarantee availability when a decision is finally made, unless expressed in writing at the time of the quote being given.
  • Booking requests made to drivers or in transit will not be considered confirmed until they have been confirmed in writing by the administration (office) of The Company

Payment terms and conditions:

Airport & Cruise Transfers Services:

  • Payment is required in cash or credit card on the day of travel at the beginning or your journey, or you can give 7 working days’ notice to arrange to pay the full fare payable via direct debit. If using direct debit, please use your confirmation number as the reference number for the payment. Please keep in mind there is a 3.0% processing fee on all card transactions. EFT MUST appear in our bank account 48 hours prior to your travel date. The full return fare must be paid on the forward journey. We no longer accept each way fares. Due to the risks involved, our drivers do not carry change. Please allow for this before you travel with us.
  • Unless a “Priority” service is booked, (contact the office for further information on costs etc) your airport / cruise transfer will be deemed a “shared bus” service. As such, times given at the time of booking are approximate, and may need to be altered by no more than 30 minutes, to accommodate other clients on this shared service. At times, special promotions may require a further adjustment to time to allow you to take advantage of special offers.
  • Domestic Airport Pickups: The driver will send a text message to the mobile phone number you have provided in your booking, unless other arrangements have been made with the office in writing, requesting you call when you have your luggage, and are ready to depart. Departure from Domestic terminals will be within 30 minutes of your being ready.
  • International Airport Pickups: The driver will send a text message to the mobile phone number you have provided in your booking, unless other arrangements have been made with the office in writing, requesting you call when you have your luggage, have cleared customs / immigration, and are ready to depart. (We allow 60 minutes for you to clear customs etc. after the flight lands) Departure from International terminal will be within 30 minutes of your being ready.

Unless stated in the booking request, and confirmed on the booking confirmation, all prices are for a shared bus. You may not always share a bus, however the price quoted, unless quoted for a private service specifically, will be for a shared service, with the possibility there will be others on the bus, or being picked up along the journey. Except in extreme circumstances, the other passengers will be heading to (en route to) the same destination.

Here To There Coaches cannot be held responsible for delays or traffic, early or late arrival of flights or any situation fairly deemed to be out of the control of the company, including but not limited to unsafe road conditions, weather, unexpected traffic delays, accidents, road works, etc.

In order to maintain our schedule, and get all clients to their destination with the minimum delay, all clients are expected to be ready to depart their pickup location (when heading to the airport, cruise terminal, railway etc) 30 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time. A text message (or phone call if no mobile number is held), the night before travel will confirm the approximate pickup time.

Should a client, for any reason, not be ready to depart within 10 minutes of the confirmed pickup time as mentioned in the previous paragraph, the bus may be forced to depart without the passengers, in order to get other passengers to their destination within their time frame, or meet other commitments.

We cannot allow one group or individual, to potentially cause another to miss a flight, which is why we ask that you be ready at your pick up early, so the bus can get everyone to their destination, in a timely manner.

In the event that a client is left because they were not ready to depart at the confirmed time (the confirmed time is the booked time, plus or minus 30 minutes) then no refund will be given, and if payment has yet to be made, payment will be due immediately upon receipt of the invoice.

Additional charges including time and parking costs where applicable will be paid for by the client in addition to the quoted fare. For example, should a client NOT be at the designated pick up point once they have made contact with the driver, and this delay causes us extra charges for wages and parking, the client will be responsible for those extra charges. A further example would be if a client is booked for an 0830 pick up from a cruise ship, and does not arrange to get off the ship until later, there will be either additional charges for waiting time, or the bus may not be available for the pickup at all. In situations of this nature, there will be no refund given.

In the event that the client is not ready at the time of the departure of the bus as arranged and explained above, and Here To There Coaches has recorded Credit Card details as security against a booking, the client authorises Here To There Coaches to process the credit card for the full amount agreed upon for the transfer.

We believe it is only fair to be so strict, as we are certain that if you were the passenger waiting, you would not want to be worried about missing your flight etc. while we waited for people who were running late. We thank you for your assistance with making our scheduling run smoothly.

All clients will be given (on their initial journey) a “Return Detail Confirmation” to be completed. This is to ensure that the booking we have for your return (if booked) is the correct details, so please be very careful to make sure your details are correct when completing this sheet. Should the information on the original booking differ to the information provided in your hand writing, and signed by you on the Return Confirmation, we will follow the written and signed details provided to us in the form of the Return Detail Confirmation, if we are unable to contact you to verify which is correct.

Here To There will not be held responsible for the incorrect time, date, flight number or any other details given to us by you.

In the event of an early flight arrival, the client is to understand that they may be required to wait for the arrival of the bus, and in a shared bus (non private transfer) there could be a further delay in departing after pick-up, if the shuttle is waiting on additional passengers from another flight that was due to land at, or around the same time as your flights original arrival time.

In the event of a delayed flight, the client is to understand that, wherever possible Here To There Coaches will have a bus waiting for them, however in the event of an extended delay, the wait may be significant. Here To There Coaches endeavour to transport all passengers in a timely manner, but are not to be held responsible in any way for situations beyond our control, and are not obliged to refund passengers who do not give sufficient advice of changes in their flight schedules, or any additional costs incurred by the passenger choosing to go home via another means.

In the event of a cancelled or diverted flight, the client is responsible for advising Here To There of the cancellation or diversion and any subsequent arrangements, in a manner by which they are able to confirm that the advice has been received by us. This could be a phone call, or text message that is not only sent, but a response received, or an email with either a receipt of delivery, or a reply from Here To There staff to confirm the information has been received. Failure to obtain proof of advice will be taken as evidence that advice was not received by our staff or management.

For Airport Pickups, the time noted as “Pickup Time” on this confirmation is the scheduled flight landing time.

For all international services, (flights arriving at Terminal 1) unless previously advised by the client, the time of the pick-up will be the SCHEDULED landing time of the aircraft PLUS 60 minutes to allow for customs and immigration. In the event of a flight landing before or after the scheduled time, please refer to the above comments regarding early arrivals, or delayed flights.

For Domestic Flights, (Flights arriving at Terminal 2 or Terminal 3) unless previously advised by the client, the pickup time will be the SCHEDULED landing time, PLUS 20 minutes to allow for luggage to be collected. In the event of a flight landing before or after the scheduled time, please refer to the above comments regarding early arrivals, or delayed flights.

Where a driver cannot be contacted or located at the pickup point, it is the responsibility of the client to call the operations department of Here To There Coaches, if during office hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) on 1300 657 377. If it is outside these times, or if the office cannot be contacted, the client is to call the After Hours phone number, 0419 624 333. These numbers are also listed on receipts, and Business Cards.

Delays in pickups from flights or cruise ships may incur additional fees for waiting time and parking. Extreme delays in contacting the driver or the office may mean the driver will have to depart to fulfil other commitments, and in cases where no contact has been attempted by the client, no refund will be entertained.

Whilst all attempts will be made to ensure nothing is left on one of our buses, the ultimate responsibility for the clients personal items lies with the client. The company will not be held responsible for articles left in the vehicle. Should any items be left on the bus that are found by the driver it is the responsibility of the passenger leaving the item on the bus, or a representative acting on their behalf, to collect the items from our office located in Toongabbie in Sydney. Should an item need to be delivered or shipped to the client at another location, the full cost of this delivery will be paid by the client, prior to the dispatch of the item.

All Credit Card Transactions will be subjected to up to 3% processing fee. This is the fee we are charged by the processing facility we use. We do not profit from this processing fee. If you wish to avoid the processing fee, you can pay the driver cash at the beginning of your journey, or you can pre-pay by Electronic Funds transfer to avoid the fee, and avoid the need for cash.

CRUISE DEPARTURE: We book our cruise pick up times between 10.00 & 12.00pm. As our buses bring passengers off the cruise ship at 8:30am first, then take
everyone else back in to board the ship. We ask you to be ready from 10am. In rare cases, when the ship comes in later than the average time due to scheduling by the shipping company, diverting around adverse weather or mechanical fault, the buses will not be there to collect you until later, which is in line with what the cruise companies also prefer. Should this occur we will notify you via phone or SMS that your pick up has been delayed. Where you have been given a LATE boarding time by the cruise ship we have other shuttles that leave again to go in at approx.. 1-2pm, please let us know if you want the later shuttle bus.

CRUISE ARRIVAL: For the return transfers you must tell your porter that you need PRIORITY DISEMBARKATION and they will have you off the ship to meet our buses that leave strictly at 8-30am. Once booked, we will give you paperwork to give the ship to make sure this happens. You are more than welcome to have a late pick up between 12- 1pm if you wish, however this time-slot must be booked in with us when making your initial booking, and generally speaking, the cruise ships have you off well before then.

Toll Roads / Motorways

Travelling around Sydney without using Motorways/ Tollways is close to impossible. Therefore all our prices include tolls, please consider this when comparing our prices with others.

Child Seats / Booster Seats

While not required by law, if possible we will provide Baby & Booster seats if they are available for children 4 years and under if requested however the seats are provided for the comfort, and no guarantee of them being a safety device, as not all buses are necessarily engineered to accommodate child seats, as shown under the below information. Please book well in advance if you require a restraint.

RMS laws is as follows. Buses (more than 12 seats)

A driver of a bus that is designed to seat over 12 adults (including the driver), is not required to ensure passengers, including those under 16 years of age are in a restraint. It is recommended that where a restraint is available, it should be worn.

Small Buses (9 to 12 seats)

In NSW, a driver of a small bus (between 9 to 12 seats including the driver) providing a public passenger service under the [NSW] Passenger Transport Act 1990 must ensure:

  • All passengers younger than 12 months must be secured in a child restraint.
  • All passengers aged over 12 months and under 16 years must:
    • occupy a seating position that is fitted with a suitable seatbelt, and
    • not occupy the same seating position as another passenger (whether or not the other passenger is exempt from wearing a seatbelt under rule 267), and
    • wear the seatbelt properly adjusted and fastened.
  • No passenger under 4 years old is in the front seat and a child 4 years or older but under 7 years may only sit in the front row if all of the other seats in the row or rows behind the front row are occupied by passengers who are also under 7 years old.


  • 1 Large suitcase & 1 carry-on bag is permitted per passenger. Extra luggage needs to be pre-arranged at the time of booking to make sure there is enough room. There are additional charges if you carry excessive or over size luggage. Please contact the office to arrange this.

Chartered Services

  • A valid credit card number is required at the time of booking. This confirms your booking and acts as the bond.
  • A fee of 50% is debited from the card if the booking is cancelled less than 14 days from the charter date, and the remainder of the full fare will be deducted if the charter is cancelled with less than 7 days’ notice.
  • Payment is required in cash on the day of charter. (EFT payments must be arranged 3 working days prior).
  • All Visa, AMEX and MasterCard transactions incur a 3.0% processing fee to cover our costs.
  • A fee of $50.00 is debited from the credit card if the bus is delayed by you for more than 30mins, at any time of the journey.
  • Waiting time is charged at $100.00 per hour, charged in 15 min. blocks.
  • Additional drop off locations must be pre-arranged with the office. The charges are approx $20 each, depending on time and distance.
  • Cleaning fees are: Vomit $300.00, General cleaning of spilt drinks, chips etc $150.00.

Terms and Conditions

All Visa and MasterCard and AMEX transactions incur a 3.0% processing fee to cover our costs. Quotes are valid for 28 days from date of issue unless specified otherwise

Terms & Conditions may change without notice.

Prices for any of our services may change without notice:

Our buses and coaches operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Office Hours:

Mon to Fri: 8AM till 5:00PM

Closed: Saturday, Sundays &

Public Holidays

After Hours Contact:

If you are already booked with us or need to make a booking, or enquiry regarding an existing booking within the next 24 hours only Call 0419-624-333. For all other booking or quotes please call during office hours or email us.

Payment Method:

We Welcome:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards (3% processing fee)
  • Pre-arranged Company Accounts
  • Bank Deposits

Call Us on 1300 657 377 or 02 9631-7739 (International callers use +61-2- 9631-7739) email for a quote or more info at bookings@heretothere.com.au or use the “Bookings” page on this website.

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