Airport Shuttle in Sydney:  Things You Should Look Out For!

Airport Shuttle in Sydney: Things You Should Look Out For!

Till now, we have been telling you what you should do, how you could enjoy your vacation and how to book an airport shuttle in Sydney. Today we will be discussing why and what you should NOT do on in a foreign country. We hope this will not only help prevent you from being disappointed with your choice of places to visit but also help you enjoy your vacation trouble free.

When we Google any country, we usually find it’s bright-side, it’s fluffy side. We find that, because that is what we are looking for. We rarely go where others have not already told us about, and so we look at what they recommend, and we find the nice places, but we seem to naturally omit the less attractive side, the ‘seedier’ side.

It’s a harsh reality but the fact is every country has its share of shady characters, places and things you should not go to or see. We know there is good and evil everywhere, we have learned that in our own country, indeed often in our own homes, but it’s not what we envisage when we travel, it’s not what we WANT from our travels. It is difficult to acquire an inside knowledge about foreign culture until  we visit, and at times, it can be a bit too late by then.

There will always be those waiting for an opportunity to prey on our naivete and lack of awareness in foreign land.

Knowing certain general precautions might come handy as you plan any trip

When it comes to transport, beware of the con man’s “tricks of the trade” that happen all over the world, it is easy to pick an international tourist, so watch out for these few hints that may save you from some of them at least.….

Taxi Meter

If you hire a metered taxi at the airport, be sure that the meter is not started until you have given your destination to the driver. If it has, ask them to stop it, and start it again.

If the driver claims the meter is broken, thank them, get out, and get another Taxi. If you have any issues, (at the airport) call on one of the curbside traffic controllers to assist you. The last thing you want is a taxi driver “estimating” the fare, when you are not sure where you are going. How would you know what was reasonable, and what was way over the top?

Of course in this day and age things have changed, you have more options, you can chose Uber or any other ride share company, but be careful of this, because in most airports in Australia, especially Sydney Airport, Uber vehicles pick up quite a way from the airport, and will not come to assist with your luggage.

In this day of technology, be sure to use your technology to make you smarter. After you have finished checking in on social media, and taking the mandatory selfies all the way to your transfer vehicle, check your destination, and the time it should take you to get there. Even run the map if you have sufficient data, and check that you are not being taken advantage of. A few questions to your driver will make them aware that you are not an easy target, and it is best to do the right thing by you.

There are also the options of Limousines (a little expensive for the average traveller) or accredited Transport Companies like us, Here To There Coaches. We have airport approval to park within the airport precinct, meaning we CAN come and assist with luggage if you require, and we do have to have our drivers meet certain standards, in order to comply with the regulations of both Transport for NSW, and the Sydney Airport Corporation.

“Let Me Take You To The Best Hotel”

Some taxi driver and shuttle bus operators will attempt to guide you toward a particular hotel or other form of accommodation. There is nothing too sinister about this, other than they are getting a commission, and you may not be getting the best deal. At times they have been reported as being quite “insistent”.

Most people have booked accommodation prior to arriving, but for those who haven’t, just be careful of the ‘best’ hotel, at the ‘best’ price. It rarely is.

Street Sellers

When you are visiting any tourist place, chances are that you could find mobile sellers. They are pushy and follow you until you buy something from them. The best way is to avoid even asking what they are selling because most of the things they are, at the least, very low quality, and sometimes, what appears to be a great bargain, turns out to be a fake.

Accidentally Stumbled

An individual in a busy area, a market or store, any place that will take you a moment to gather your thoughts,  might stumble into you, or even appear to be helping you, telling you that you have spilled something on your clothes etc. This is, most often, in a sense slight of hand, not unlike a magician. While you are distracted for that few seconds, your watch, wallet, purse or phone are gone. Those who make a living from picking other peoples pockets are so good, have honed their skills so well, you will often not know they have fleeced you until you go to check the time, make a call or pay a bill. Keep money and precious items close, if you suspect someone might be trying to pick your pockets with this type of behaviour, scream out “Thief!!!” or even learn the word in the language of the country you are visiting. A genuine person will may think you a little crazy yelling that out if they were genuinely trying to help, or sincerely bumped into you by accident, but hey… you’re a tourist, and aren’t all tourists a little crazy?

Better to be crazy than to lose one or more valuable items.

In closing, it is also with thinking about leaving your good jewellery at home, even in a safety deposit box before you even get on the plane. You may not look so pretty, but you will still own them when you get back home.

Group Photos

It should go without saying, but of course, we are all very trusting by nature, so if someone asks if you want them to take your photo with your camera (or phone) you of course think “Aren’t they nice”

But are they?

Sure, many are, I have had photo’s taken by strangers, and been lucky, it worked out, but I have also witnessed someone with a very expensive camera let another person take their photo, and before the photo was even taken, their partner in crime had ridden by on a motor scooter, grabbed the camera, and rode off in one direction, while the would be photographer sprinted off in another.

There was nothing that could be done.

It’s a sad thing not being able to trust everyone, but it is a reality of life, as unfortunate as it is. But being aware, can make a difference, as it can with everything.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is easy to crack. If you are on a business trip, avoid using public Wi-Fi or use VPN (Virtual Private Network) and encryption for a secure connection. There are now also mobile hotspots that can be rented for affordable rates, I have used them on a few trips, they are secure, and it is sim much better quality than the local McDonalds, Café or many hotels. Not to mention you don’t have to go looking for it.

I will post more on this in a future blog, with some reviews and details on some that are available.

Scam Phone Calls

Yes, you even get these when travelling. Some may even claim to be the accommodation you are staying at, (going to, or have been to) asking you for financial details. They may ask to verify your credit card details. Hang up the phone immediately, and (if you are nearby) go directly to the establishment, and ask for the manager to check the validity of the call, if not, call the number listed on the website or phone directory for the company who called you, and again, check the validity with the manager.

These are few safety measures and alerts that can be (we hope) helpful to all travellers, both in Australia, and almost anywhere you go overseas.  All tourists should consider their own personal security, keep an eye on each other’s backs when travelling with others, and  when going to a foreign land, check their local laws. There is nothing worse than breaking a law in a foreign country, especially if the language they speak is not your native language.

When you are in Sydney, we hope to see you, and get to say hi fi you are in the need of an  airport shuttle but most importantly, (yes, even more important than booking with us)




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